Attention menfolk!

You may be operating under the assumption that a magic fairy washes your dishes, picks up your socks, mops your floor, scrubs your toilet. Or you may be operating in a state of minimal awareness, where you believe that these things do not need to be done, and that your house will nonetheless remain liveable. Also, you may be convinced that your gender makes it somehow impossible for you to see dust.

This is NOT TRUE. And if you believe these things, and you are not living in squalor, it is probably because a woman who lives with you has learned that it is easier to play magic fairy than to get you to play domestic. And -- here's news -- you're not a feminist, buddy. You're not even close.

Ask my mom, for instance. Or, ask my dad, and he'll deny it, but might just admit that I explained to him how to empty the lint trap when he was forty-seven years old, and that he then spent the next nine years in court trying to prove that my mother had never done a thing for him. Hooray for heterosexual love.


Katie said...

Not always just a man thing, although I agree that it tends to be the general rule. More of a spoiled I've-had-my-parents-do-everything-for-me-for-as-long-as-I-live thing.

Heh. I'm aware of the irony of this post, given that we were once roommates at camp, and I remember quite clearly whose side of the room was cleaner. ;-) But hey, there's a big difference between choosing not to clean and pretending you have a genetic deficiency that prevents you. Bah to such people!

cancrit(at)gmail.com said...

Ummm... that was one week, TEN YEARS AGO. And you didn't have to clean my side of the room, now did you. Obviously my habits have changed substantially since then.

cancrit(at)gmail.com said...

Actually, I think it was more than ten years ago. In any case, I was fifteen.

Katie said...

Uh oh. I TOTALLY was not thinking of you AT ALL, in the first part of the post, so don't think that applies to you. I was thinking of others that I have met, clearly, because I have always thought you are lovely and not at all spoiled.
Hugs. And apologies. :-(

I should think more carefully before I write these comments.

Katie said...

Oh no! I already posted an "I'm sorry" comment here, because I didn't mean that you were spoiled AT ALL, it was two unrelated thoughts. Oh dear, oh dear. And now that post is not showing up. This is distressing.